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Empanellment Conditions

Perry4Law is one of the most desired techno-legal firms not only for seeking litigation, consultancy, research, LPO and KPO and other services but also for students and professionals seeking a career in techno-legal filed. We receive tons of requests pertaining to internship, training, job, career at Perry4Law and its allied techno-legal segments.


The two most prominent techno-legal segments of Perry4Law are Perry4Law’s Techno-Legal Base (PTLB) and Perry4Law Techno-Legal ICT Training Centre (PTLITC). Presently, PTLB in the process of streamlining the techno-legal services, trainings, education, coaching, internship, research and many more services of Perr4yLaw.


If you are interested in the techno-legal internship, coaching, education, etc of Perry4Law, visit this PTLB Segment for further details. We do not consider and accept any Internship Request, Job Application, Career Request,  Training Request, etc  except for those students, professionals, trainees, etc that we  educate, train, coach, intern or otherwise enroll through our "Career And Training Portals ".  Kindly do not send such requests without first getting enrolled and successfully completing our Internship and Training Courses.


If you think you are already well qualified to be eligible to apply for the techno-legal services of PTLB, you may also consider the option of "Empanelment at PTLB". Empanelment at PTLB can be requested by Individuals, Firms, Law Firms, Companies, LLPs, CA Firms, CS Firms, Knowledge Centres, Knowledge Institutes, etc. Individuals include lawyers, professionals, self-employed professionals, executives at Companies, etc. There is no limitation as to “Nationality” or “Residence” and Individuals/Firms/Institutions/Companies resident in other countries can also empanel with us. 


The basic requirement essential for being empanelled at PTLB is techno-legal expertise. Neither legal nor technical qualifications itself is sufficient for being eligible to be empanelled at PTLB. An Individual/Firm/Institution must possess both technical as well as legal expertise to be eligible to be empanelled at PTLB. For example, an engineer from a reputed and recognised university in India or abroad having good legal knowledge and legal academic qualifications would be eligible to be empanelled at PTLB. It would be a good idea to “Contact Us” before sending your empanelment requests with your necessary details so that we can inform you about your eligibility.


Intellectual Property Law Firms or Technology Law Firms from any region of the World would be eligible for being empanelled at PTLB.  Law Firms or other Firms may also be eligible if they have techno-legal work experience or techno-legal experts working there.


Perry4Law and PTLB reserve the “Absolute Discretion” to accept and reject any empanelment request without any reason and intimation. We would not be responsible for empanelment requests that are not “approved by us in advance”. Further, you must dispatch/post your Cheques/DD/Cash at your own risks and in no case Perry4Law, PTLB or its employees or Partners would be responsible for any loss or theft of such Cheques/DD/Cash.


A list of empanelled Individuals/Firms/Companies/Institutions would be publicly maintained by PTLB at its Website or Blog(s). This list would contain the basic details of the empanelled Individuals/Firms/Companies/Institutions with their latest “Contact Details”. This way those empanelled would also get good advertisement and marketing advantages. Further, services of those empanelled would also be taken by PTLB on “Preference Basis”. This has the advantage of attaching and associating an Individual/Firm/Company/Institution with the fast growing and global expanding techno-legal services of PTLB.


The empanelment would be for minimum of one year (1) and maximum of five (5) years. The empanelment may be renewed at the discretion of PTLB and Perry4Law. The requisite Performa for Individuals can be downloaded from “Here”. The Firms, Companies, Institutions, etc can download the Performa from “Here”.


For Individuals, the “Empanelment Fees” include one time non-refundable registration fee of Rs. 10,000 (Ten Thousands) plus Rs. 5,000 (Five Thousand) per year. For instance, if an Individual wishes to be empanelled at PTLB for one year, he must pay Rs. 15,000 (Fifteen Thousand). For two years he must pay Rs. 20,000 (Twenty Thousand) and so on.

For Firms, Companies, Institutions, etc the “Empanelment Fees” include one time non-refundable registration fee of Rs. 10,000 (Ten Thousands) plus Rs. 10,000 (Ten Thousand) per year. For instance, if a Firm wishes to be empanelled at PTLB for one year, it must pay Rs. 20,000 (Twenty Thousand). For two years it must pay Rs. 30,000 (Thirty Thousand) and so on.


We accept Cheques, DD, Cash, Electronic Transfer, etc for paying empanelment fees. We expect risk free, complete and absolute payment towards empanelment fees. In no case, Perry4Law would be responsible for loss of Cheques, DD, Cash, Electronic Money Transfer, etc. These payments must be made by the applicant at his/its own risk.


Finally, be aware of the “Phishing Attacks”. Perry4Law, PTLB, PTLITC or any of its Segments, Associates, Partners, etc would not solicit empanelment through e-mails or telephone calls except through this platform. To avoid financial loss and frauds, kindly check any such electronic communication or telephone calls thoroughly and send us an e-mail if you come across any such dubious, suspicious or fraudulent communication.


We do not entertain any query or request regarding the abovementioned issues except through this platform. Further, the terms and conditions mentioned herein are very strict and only in exceptional case we deviate from them. Perry4Law, PTLB, PTLITC and other segments of Perry4Law reserve the “Absolute Discretion” regarding the abovementioned aspects and the decision of Perry4law, PTLB, PTLITC, etc would be “Conclusive and Final” in all cases. You hereby agree to these terms and conditions while applying for our course, training, internships, etc. 

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