About PTLB

PTLB is the oldest and best techno legal organisation of the world. PTLB origin dates back to the year 2002 when Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) launched Perry4Law Law Firm, world’s first techno legal law firm providing online techno legal services since 2002.

To give impetus to our techno legal services, especially our techno legal online internship, education, skills development, etc, PTLB was launched in 2002. PTLB initiated its projects and initiatives since 2002 but without any official and independent identity. Information and details of PTLB Project were shared on freely available blogs and website of Perry4Law Law Firm. But till the year 2006, PTLB became a world renowned Techno Legal Organisation and its articles and research works were shared on international platforms and websites.

The legacy blogs of PTLB and Perry4Law are now open for invited stakeholders only and are not available for public at large. Subsequently, dedicated website for PTLB was launched. In the year 2021 we decided to rejuvenate and upgrade all our websites as our previous hosting provider is no more in active business. Hence, this new website with latest information and our latest features, tools, mobile apps, chat bots, etc that are in use as well as those that are still in pipeline and would be upgraded soon.

From the very beginning it was clear that PTLB would help various Techno Legal projects of P4LO. So we bifurcated its Techno Legal Services in various fields like Online Internship, Online Education and Skills Development, Online ODR and E-Courts Projects, etc. At the same time, we deemed it proper to lunch domain specific and need based segments of PTLB. For instance, PTLB is supporting K12 and Graduation level skills development initiatives and projects of P4LO. For post graduation, higher education and lifelong learning projects, we have a separate entity named Perry4Law’s Techno Legal ICT Training Centre (PTLITC).

After much deliberations at the P4LO, it was decided that dedicated websites and projects would be launched for all major initiatives of P4LO. For instance, a dedicated portal for online dispute resolution (ODR) project was launched by P4LO that is currently being incubated under and supported by Techno Legal Centre Of Excellence For Online Dispute Resolution In India (TLCEODRI). Similarly, e-courts project of P4LO was launched separately and PTLB is helping both ODR and e-courts projects of P4LO.

As PTLB is the core component and segment of P4LO, it was registered as a Trademark along with Perry4Law, TLCEODRI and PTLITC. Also, PTLB Projects LLP was formed to better coordinate its projects and efforts. Subsequently, PTLB Projects was granted the status of a startup by both DPIIT and MeitY Startup Hub (MSH). Many other projects of PTLB were independently recognised as startups by MSH.

PTLB has been managing a techno legal software repository since 2002 that is used for various projects of P4LO. It is an offline repository and accessible to P4LO alone. PTLB recently launched a blockchain for PTLB Schools and STREAMI Virtual School and it is adding more features, tools, technologies, etc for various projects of P4LO on a regular basis.