PTLB Schools Are Disrupting Virtual Schooling And Education In India

The strength of any organisation is tested and measured during the times of crisis and adversities. During the current times of Covid-19, the entire education system in India has collapsed. This has happened as we did not invest in education related research, development and infrastructure in India in the past. This is more so regarding online or virtual schooling in India that has failed to cope up with the pressing requirements of online education and learning in India.

However, technology is just one part of the equation and the other part is the political willingness and suitable policies to support advanced, modern and contemporary education and skills development in India. Unfortunately, India failed on both fronts of technological adoption and political will and as a result we witnessed the educational chaos in India. It is in this chaos that we at Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) and PTLB decided to improve this situation and we launched the first techno legal online skills development schooling and K12 portal of the world known as STREAMI (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts, Maths, innovation). It has been more than 2 months now and till now neither Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) nor Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has taken any action upon the recognition request of STREAMI Virtual School. This shows that our politicians are least bothered to support institutions that can make India a world leader in education.

So we moved on and decided to focus upon our initiatives and efforts rather than wasting our time on politicians and political parties. We improved STREAMI portal and at the same time we decided to rejuvenate the official portal of PTLB too. As PTLB is supporting both K12 and graduate/post graduate skills development projects of P4LO, it is imperative to make its involvement as much as possible. That is why a school chain was formed and we named it as PTLB Schools and STREAMI Virtual School is the first school under this initiative.

As we have decided to launch dedicated skills development portals for all our schools under the PTLB Schools initiative. we launched dedicated online skills development portals for PTLB Schools and STREAMI Virtual School. All our subsequent schools, colleges, etc would have their own dedicated online portals too.

STREAMI Virtual School is the first techno legal school of the world that has combined skills and education of various streams under a single category. We would develop skills of school children so that they could become employment givers instead of employment seekers. India is facing a gigantic problem of unemployment and the Covid-19 pandemic would make it worst. Indian economy is in a shaken condition and we cannot afford to add a large population of unemployed people now. If our school and college education is not modified right now, we would never be able to recover in long term.

At STREAMI Virtual School and PTLB Schools we do not focus upon traditional academic education but we stress upon cutting edge technology and contemporary skills that we keep on upgrading from time to time. For instance, at STREAMI we teach kids about cyber law, cyber security, blockchain, intellectual property rights, artificial intelligence, machine learning, crypto currencies and crypto assets, etc. This is a revolutionary educational and skills development model and we are fully committed to global stakeholders in this regard. We are currently upgrading the e-learning and online skills development portal of STREAMI Virtual School.

If you are an investor or collaborator who wishes to invest in or collaborate with STREAMI Virtual School or PTLB Schools, we would welcome your complete proposal in this regard. We are looking for investment on a non stake basis and our current investor(s) would get priority for all future investment opportunities for STREAMI Virtual School or PTLB Schools. Similarly, technical and other collaborators must clearly mention how they wish to collaborate with us. It would be better if our potential investors and collaborators would study and analyse our online techno legal skills development initiatives in detail before contacting us so that we can discuss the modalities of investment and collaborations instead of wasting time on explaining about our initiatives. We are providing every possible information on our portals and if an investor or collaborator has any query, he/she/it can contact us to clarify the same. They can also contact us at our Twitter handles like PTLB School, Digital India Law, Perry4Law, etc. Approved investors or collaborators would be provided with additional details and dedicated communication channels for finalisation of the commitment. We do not respond to all proposals and only those found suitable would be replied back. Also unsolicited marketing and sales communications are treated as spam by us and such senders would be blacklisted by us.

We look forward to all relevant stakeholders to join us as soon as possible so they we can cover this revolutionary and historic journey together.