PTLB Schools

PTLB Schools is a group and series of school chain that would be launched by PTLB and Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) from time to time. The first in this series is STREAMI Virtual School that has already been launched by PTLB Schools. Each school would work upon a specialised techno legal theme and requirement that would transform the existing education system of India. Special focus and attention would be given by PTLB Schools to online skills development for K12 segment keeping in mind the contemporary and futuristic fields like artificial intelligence, machine learning, space law, robotics, cyber law, cyber security, etc.

As PTLB is working with other techno legal skills development initiatives and projects of P4LO, it would provide a foundation or base for K12 students that they can carry forward till the stage of lifelong learning. PTLB is managing K12 and graduation level skills development courses while PTLITC is managing post graduation and lifelong learning courses. We have dedicated and sepcialised projects like TLCEODRI, CECSRDI, TLCECBI, etc that would help PTLB and PTLITC for their courses and would provide their own highly specialised and domain specific skills development online courses and education from K12 to lifelong learning stages.

PTLB Schools has already launched dedicated blogs for fields like cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics, online dispute resolution (ODR), e-courts, e-discovery, etc for K12 and other stakeholders. Enrolled students and stakeholders would get free access to these blogs, depending upon the courses to which they have been enrolled. For general public, access to these blogs is restricted and contents and skills development materials are available for our students and enrolled stakeholders only.

An e-learning and online skills development portal of PTLB Schools has already been launched and it would be upgraded from time to time. Those interested in unique techno legal courses of PTLB Schools must regularly check this portal for various courses of PTLB Schools and its dedicated and highly specialised schools like STREAMI.

We have decided to maintain separate e-learning portals for each and every school of PTLB Schools. For instance, STREAMI Virtual School has its own e-learning and online skills development portal. Other schools, graduation, post graduation and lifelong learning projects of P4LO would also have their own dedicated e-learning and online skills development portals in due course of time.

If you want your kid or yourself to be a well informed, learned, rationale and logical person, we welcome you to the PTLB Schools or other skills development projects of P4LO. We look forward to have you on our board for a journey whose frontiers would not be limited to planet Earth alone.